Our History

Ruth Adams founded Second Chance Ballet circa 1965

Ruth's classes at the Crescent Arts Centre attracted numerous students of all ages, genders and ranges of experience. 

Ruth was inspiring and exceedingly patient, and had great artistic flair which extended to intricate costumes and beautiful props for her students’ performances. She saw the best in her students and always reminded them to keep smiling and keep breathing no matter how difficult the exercises were. 

Taglioni Solo

Ruth was working in Dublin, when cycling home one day, she heard the sound of music and followed its strains to a ballet studio. She was greeted by a vision, just like the ballet dancer in the film, the Red Shoes, who inspired her to establish her career as a dancer and then as a teacher. She moved on to train in Belfast with the late Maxine Graham, a highly-respected local tutor, to become a member of the Royal Academy of Dance. She subsequently got involved with the Lurgan Operatic and Ulster Operatic Company as a performer and choreographer as well. 

At Second Chance Ballet, Ruth was a firm but exceptional teacher. She emphasised developing a sound technical foundation in students while ensuring that they felt relaxed and confident about their growing sense of movement. 

Inspired by her positivity and wonderful personality, Ruth’s retirement from teaching in 2010 due to Alzheimer’s disease was met with great sadness from students. Ruth passed away on 23rd April 2015, leaving behind the legacy of a great teacher who was also a friend to all.